Monday, February 13, 2006

The Ginn Sisters, Saturday March 11th

Think acoustic Sheryl Crow with Emmylou Harris on harmonies. Think Damnations, Dolly Parton, Indigo Girls, Eliza Gilkyson, The Dixie Chicks. They perform mostly originals, with select covers by Bob Dylan, Mickey Newbury, Ian Tyson, Dire Straits and others.

Tiffani sings lead, plays guitar, and writes the songs. She has been on stage as a singer, dancer and actor since her earliest days. Her writing reflects her upbringing: Country, Folk, and Blues woven with delicious melodies, compelling characters and universal experiences. She sings with a powerful and athletic voice that can sparkle, smolder, and drive.

Brit sings harmonies and plays flute. Her harmonies blend seamlessly and beautifully. They range from traditional to quirky and are always just the right ingredient. Her virtuoso flute playing, honed by years of formal study, lends an instrumental expression that is both masterful and instinctive.

Both of these women bring remarkable talents and skills to the table, but it is the combination that creates the magic that is The Ginn Sisters. They stand out, turn heads, and shine a little brighter.

"Generally Happy", produced by Darcie Deaville and recorded at Cedar Creek Studio in Austin (birthplace of the Dixie Chicks' "Home") is their critically acclaimed debut CD. It was recorded "live in the studio" with excellent musicians and stripped down production. Their packed house CD release party at the venerable Cactus Cafe established them as rising stars in the milky way of talent that is Austin.

Audiences really respond to The Ginn Sisters. Their rare combination of talent, beauty and charm is a big hit at festivals, concerts, fairs, rodeos, parties, and listening rooms.

Upon hearing "Bartender's Advice to the Urban Cowboy Blues": "That's a great song! Can I hear another one?"~~Willie Nelson

" 'Ginn Juiced' The Ginn Sisters - singer/guitarist Tiffani and her flute-playing sis, Brit - come from the tiny Texas town of Schulenburg, and they sound like they would. Their songs are piped in from the back roads of Texas, where the only think you can get is AM radio. They offer authentic country, the bluest of grass and touches of Appalachian folk, all wrapped around Tiffani's lovely vocals and Brit's sharp sense of melody. Don't miss 'em in a small place, like when you passed on seeing the Dixie Chicks..."~~Malcolm Mayhew, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"Tiffani, lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter, has that same kind of rich, twangy voice that has made Natalie Maines so popular, and when Brit (who plays flute) adds those harmonies, it sends chills up and down the spine. Apart from the Bob Wills' classic 'Faded Love', all songs are originals and range from sweet ballads like 'Hugo' and 'Glare of Contempt' (haunting flute on this) to sexy blues romps like 'Ramblin' Ones' and 'So Long Gone'.~~Alan Cackett, Maverick Magazine, UK

"Brit and Tiffani Ginn must be fending off comparisons to cherub-faced versions of the Damnations, but their jubilant sisterhood is powerful to say the least. Darcie Deaville produced this gem, 13 rootsy pearls, including a bluegrass version of "Faded Love" and fabulous sibling harmonies on "Blue Monday". (Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle, vol.23 no.42)

"...Knocked down by your music and your talent and killed by your vocals!...quite all your songs are musical gems. Thank you so much for sending this CD. It is one of the very good surprises of these last weeks and I sincerely hope it will bring you all the recognition you deserve. Thanks again for the wonderful gift you made me by sending me your CD."~~Mike "The Frenchie" Penard, DJ

As Eddie O'Strange from Blue Smoke Music Company in New Zealand points out, "Austin must be an amazing place--so many wonderful albums like yours keep coming from your city." Not only do the albums keep coming from the city, but now the bands are coming from Austin too. The Ginn Sisters are taking this show on the road!

"They have quite a few things going for them, one them being the blood tie that blends their harmonies together, another is that Tiff really can write a distinctive, off-beat she has a strong, appealing voice and is as versatile with it as her classically trained sister is on flute."
~~John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music (June 2004)


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