Saturday, March 15, 2003

The Weisman Center Presents...Words and Voices

The Weisman Center Presents…Words & Voices is a monthly live music series created to provide the music and arts lovers of Marshall, Texas, and the surrounding area with the opportunity to listen to live music in an intimate, historical and smoke-free environment. The Weisman Center is a more than one-hundred-year-old landmark north of Peter Whetsone Square in downtown Marshall and is the flagship building in what has become a city-wide effort to refurbish and reinvigorate the once-vibrant Main Street city center.

Begun in April 2003, The Weisman Center Presents…Words & Voices has presented some of the nation’s most talented singer/songwriters and storytellers to an ever-growing and dedicated audience. An audience which has grown through simple, grass roots word-of-mouth testimonials. An audience which has grown, not only outside of Harrison County, it has grown to draw new visitors to Marshall from Shreveport, Louisiana, and from Dallas, Houston and Austin, Texas. All without an advertising budget.

Since the beginning of the series, the Words & Voices audience has been given the opportunity to hear songwriters tell of how they came to write some of the songs they have recorded as well as songs that have been recorded by other artists. Due to the intimate setting – the audience capacity is seventy-five people – most patrons have commented that they feel like they are sitting in their own living room enjoying a great concert. Some of the outstanding performers we have enjoyed thus far include Kevin Welch, Hayes Carll, Brandy Clark, Tim Krekel, Jesse Dayton, Wynn Varble, Darden Smith, Christine Albert and Chris Gage, Charley Stefl, Mike Plume and Jenny Orenstein, Dennis Gaines, and Sisters Morales. No matter the style of music that you enjoy, you will love the understanding you gain from being inside the live music experience.

We hope to see you and some of your friends there. Shows are always the second Saturday of the month and are scheduled from January through November. Tickets are available at The Weisman Center (903.934.9902) in Marshall. They are $10 each.


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